GE 13: Democratic Duty

6 May 2013 Citizens, May we choose to fight for what is right. May we choose never to fear the darkness and abyss that we will soon be leaving behind. May we uphold the principles of democracy, of justice, of freedom, and of reason. May we look up into the sky in remembrance of our … Continue reading

GE 13: Defending Democracy in Malaysia

4 May 2013 Citizens, We stand at a crossroad, a juncture, and a choice between liberty and tyranny. Tomorrow, the men and women of Malaysia, will march to vote for the future of our country. A not to distant future that is within our reasonable reach to change and shape according to our present actions. … Continue reading

The First Philosophy of Economics: Scarcity

  ~ The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch Scarcity is a fundamental fact of life (Frank, Bernanke, Gan, & Kang, 2009). The study of economics is relevant as a consequence of scarcity. Every economist strives to overcome the problem of scarcity. The fight against scarcity is, of course, a losing battle. The world will always … Continue reading

The Philosophy of Economics: What is Economics – Deconstructing a Discipline

  ~ Work by Ford Madox Brown ~ Defining economics is becoming increasingly difficult. The scope of the discipline of economic studies seems to be ever expanding into new uncharted territories. Currently, economic principles are used in many diverse ways. For example, economic models and theories are sometimes used in criminology to predict criminal behaviour! … Continue reading

Philosophy of Religion

~ Walking on a Mountain Path in Spring by Ma Yuan   1. Religion and superstition  Religion, for many, is not very much different from superstition. To have faith is to believe in the unlikely, the improbable, and the impossible. Examine the religious, do they not believe that by doing certain actions they will change … Continue reading