Chinese Civilization: The Five Sage Emperors – Huangdi, Zhuan Xu, Yao, Shun, Yu

~ Yu the Great, Color on silk at the National Palace Museum The Five Emperors Of the great people of the ancient Chinese, there were Fuxi, the Ox-tamer, who thought the ancient Chinese how to domesticate animals. He also emphasized the family institution, and invented the Eight Trigrams of the Book of Changes. Then there was … Continue reading

Chinese Civilization: The Great Beginning and the Origin of Man

~ Nuwa repairing the wall of heaven The Great Beginning The story of the creation of the world by the ancient Chinese is vague and seldom brought to light. Rather than an almighty creator creating something out of nothing, the ancient Chinese believed that the universe has always existed albeit being formless and opaque. ‘In … Continue reading

Philosophy of Religion

~ Walking on a Mountain Path in Spring by Ma Yuan   1. Religion and superstition  Religion, for many, is not very much different from superstition. To have faith is to believe in the unlikely, the improbable, and the impossible. Examine the religious, do they not believe that by doing certain actions they will change … Continue reading

Philosophy of Conflict

  ~ Nine Dragon Scroll by Chen Rong 1. Inevitability and importance Conflict is inevitable. Life is strife. Heraclitus said, “War is the father of all things.” Nothing is durable. No relationship is everlasting. He who in the morning is your friend, may at night be your foe. Hold no bond sacred; do not be … Continue reading

Prehistory Timelines – The Origin of Man

~ The Creation of Adam “We live under the shadow of a gigantic question mark,” stated Hendrik Willem Van Loon in the Story of Mankind (Loon, 2000),“Who are we? Where do we come from? Whither are we bound?” Perhaps man will never know the answers to these questions. Yet the probabilities at arriving at the … Continue reading