XXI. Universals

~ The Garden of Earthly Delights triptych by Hieronymus Bosch All that glitters is not gold.[1] All are not saints that go to church. All are not maidens that wear bare hair. All are not merry that dance lightly.  ~ All blood is alike ancient. All cats are grey in the dark. All truths are not … Continue reading

Pythagoras – Mystic and Mathematician

A brief introduction of Pythagoras. Please click on the link below to begin reading: Pythagoras

Measured Time and Experienced Time

Philosophy has traditionally two views concerning time, namely, the ‘static view of time’ and the ‘dynamic view of time’. The static view of time as embraced by philosophers like Parmenides and Zeno of Elea held that the appearance of temporal change is a mere illusion. This means that events deemed ‘past’ in one frame of … Continue reading

Meditation XXI, René Descartes (1596-1650) – Meditations on the First Philosophy, and “Objections and Replies”

René Descartes ~ When two people meet, they unconsciously affect one another in ways the mind cannot even begin to comprehend. The meeting may be brief and uneventful with nothing fruitful happening as a result of it. But the die is cast and the wheels of time have turned. The present as we know it … Continue reading

The Firemind Ignites!

∑[W]90° – S[5]90°∑[Z]90° – Z[IWZ]90°G=1