In Our Darkest Times…..

In our darkest times, we need to take warmth and light from the little things. The warmth of a smile, the light in one’s eyes. There are times in life when one faces the deep and dark. A blackness that would cower even the bravest and best. And all we have to fight the darkness … Continue reading

Philosophy of Religion

~ Walking on a Mountain Path in Spring by Ma Yuan   1. Religion and superstition  Religion, for many, is not very much different from superstition. To have faith is to believe in the unlikely, the improbable, and the impossible. Examine the religious, do they not believe that by doing certain actions they will change … Continue reading

Philosophy of Conflict

  ~ Nine Dragon Scroll by Chen Rong 1. Inevitability and importance Conflict is inevitable. Life is strife. Heraclitus said, “War is the father of all things.” Nothing is durable. No relationship is everlasting. He who in the morning is your friend, may at night be your foe. Hold no bond sacred; do not be … Continue reading

Philosophy of Power

~ Listening to the Wind by Ma Lin 1.  On the origins of power The art and knowledge of power affects all, but is known to few. Lao Tzu said, “Those who speak do not know. Those who know do not speak. Sincere words are not fine; fine words are not sincere. The master of … Continue reading

Philosophy of Life

~ Bunch of Flowers by Xiang Shengmo   1. Origins A Chinese proverb states, ‘When you drink from the stream, remember the spring.’ No matter how far the stream flows, it never forgets its source. Therefore, return to the roots of your beginnings, go back to the basics, and ponder upon the great origin of … Continue reading