Philosophy of Nature

Mansions in the Mountain by Tung Yuan ~ 1. The single totality and the origin of all things. From the Single Totality came the Two opposing Forces. From the Two Forces came the Four greater and lesser phenomena. From the Four came the Eight Principles of Reality. From the Eight Principles came the myriad of … Continue reading

DAY 188: JULY 7 – To See Nature In All Its Glory

~ Landscape with Lake Geneva by Gustave Courbet ~ The painting gives the viewer a feeling of peace and tranquility. In contrast to the period of political turmoil in France that Courbet had to deal with, his painting seem to suggest that the artist found comfort in the natural world and its beauty. ~ Wisdom Two … Continue reading

Day 178: June 27 – The Way We Speak Is As Important As What We Want To Say

~ Niagara Falls by Frederic Edwin Church A raw, unblemished picture of nature. See how the falls portray nature’s power and beauty. The painting seems to show us that nature will have her course. ~ Wisdom No rules, however wise, are a substitute for affection and tact. ~ Bertrand Russell ~ Wit A mixture of … Continue reading

Lao Tzu (Dates Uncertain c. 6th Century BC) The Naturalist and Green Environmental Specialist

~ A stone sculpture of Laozi, located north of Quanzhou at the foot of Mount Qingyuan Life and Times Little is known of the philosopher Lao-tzu. His name for one is not his real name. ‘Lao-tzu’ literally means ‘old master’ in Mandarin. The existence of such a figure in Chinese history is clouded but many … Continue reading

Day 170: June 19 – The Importance of Division of Labor

~ Norfolk Heritage Park Wisdom  The greatest improvement in the productive powers of labour, and the greater part of the skill, dexterity and judgment with which it is any where directed, as applied, seem to have been the effects of the division of labor. ~ Adam Smith ~ Wit I would rather have people laugh … Continue reading