Dialogues of the Dead: Of God and Liberty from Voltaire and Rousseau

I. To Paris From London! It was with great grief that I have left Victorian London to the city of Paris. A feeling of nostalgia pierced my very heart as I remembered the numerous adventures that my Aunt and I had experienced within a city that has housed and harbored so many great intellectuals. The … Continue reading

Hacking – The Dangers of Facebook, WiFis and Passwords

Found this article on the web today. I want to share it with all facebook users. Man Stole Nude Photos From Women’s E-mail Accounts By Robert McMillan, IDG News George Bronk, 23, was arrested in late October after police found evidence that he’d hacked into more than 3,200 e-mail accounts. He used the same technique that Sarah … Continue reading

Behold, My workstation! ^^

My Laptop, table lamp, external dvd player/burner and most importantly my home theatre system. ^^

07/04/2010: Daily Economic Headlines

Euro may weaken as Greece tries to stem concern over aid plan. Fell the most in six weeks against the yen after a report that Greece wants to bypass IMF conditions for possible aid. Canada’s currency reached parity with the U.S. dollar for the first time since July 2008 as crude oil prices trade at its … Continue reading

The secret story of China’s new super-resource

The movie Avatar was not only a big hit in the block office but also a solemn reminder as to what would happen if human beings continue to mine resources at an unprecedented rate. In history, the Europeans once destroyed the American Red Indians over land and resources. That could and would happen again. Yet … Continue reading