My List of Classical Music Composers and their Works

  ~ The Music Lesson by Lord Frederic Leighton ~ “The end of all good music is to affect the soul.”  ~ Claudio Monteverdi There is a certain charm in classical music. A certain class. There are some who pretend to listen to classic pieces in hope to look cultured and refined. They pretend to … Continue reading

Top 10 Music of Final Fantasy

TOP 10! Final Fantasy VIII – Eyes On Me ~ Final Fantasy V – Dear Friends ~ Final Fantasy V – Tenderness in the Air ~ Final Fantasy IX – Vamo’ alla flame ~ Final Fantasy VII – Let the Battles Begin! ~ Final Fantasy VIII – Balamb Garden ~ Final Fantasy IV – Theme of Love Final Fantasy IV ~ Final … Continue reading

Chapter I: Reflections in a Broken Mirror

I looked intently at the perfect replica of myself. The image I saw in my bathroom mirror was that of a male individual that had just started his first baby steps into the realm of adulthood and responsibility. My father had been filled with elation when I had come to be of age. I for … Continue reading